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2014 Paris World Cup

the word federation will organise the world Cup 2014 at Paris from july 24 to 26.

That’s funny that they chose the french national judo institute , same the FFKDA chose for organise the 3rd World championship 2013 for the other world federation (vietnam one). 


Training camp of Vovinam Occitan 2013


The Vovinam Occitan booming

The vietnamese martial art club which opened three new sections – and became the fifth club of France – Saturday, 16th of November  brought together hundreds of practitioners in the new dojo of Auterive (Haute- Garonne) for his first day of school’s training camp.

With nearly a hundred participants , the first day of school’s training camp of Vovinam Occitan was unanimously hailed as a success. Saturday, 16th of November, the club based in Auterive (Haute- Garonne)  » was using for the first time  » the new dojo open for the new school year in September , bringing together its members but also neighboring clubs in the Toulouse area.

After a good session of play and sports course ( jumps , rolls , tug of war … ) , the twenty children (8-12 years) was initiated to the art of fighting and scissors under the supervision of Master Cyril Sandre ( 4th dang expert , founder of the club) and Professor Fabien Laforet (2nd dang ) . Many beginners recruited by Vovinam Occitan were also entitled to an initiation to the art of fighting and scissors . For their part, Advanced practitioners have learned Nhập Môn Quyền under the direction of Master Thierry Demichel ( club Toulouse- Les Argoulets ) before proceeding with an upgrade to the art of fighting. Teachers worked the 11th and 12nd scissors and learned the Tứ Tru Quyền with Master Truong Quang Tuan (6th Dang ), first to develop Vovinam Viet Vo Dao in Midi -Pyrénées .

The club of Vovinam Occitan has grown considerably this year. Since the start of the school year, in fact, two new sections were opened for children ( from 8 years) in Auterive and Mauzac, and also an adult section in Gaillac-Toulza (in addition of the on in Auterive ). The club grown from twenty members in previous years … to nearly 80 this year! It became the fifth club of France discipline linked to Karate Federation ( FFKDA ) before Toulouse , Lyon and Marseille .

A development that owes nothing to chance. This growth is the result of a project developped for many years by Master Cyril Sandre. In order to provide quality education to children and adults, he passed in 2013 – with Professor Fabien Laforet , head of the section of Gaillac – The Federal Diploma of instructor of the FFKDA and a Certificate of professional qualification. Finally, Vovinam Occitan association is undergoing approval by the “Youth and Sports”, true  » quality label » for sports clubs .

As an opening of the trainin camp, David Rhodier , one of the oldest auterivains practitioners , was given his yellow belt 1st dang . At the closing , Master Tuan said how happy he was to be able to attend a training camp in Auterive. It is in this town of the south of Toulouse that he began his teachings in 1984 . He was also pleased in front of parents of younger Vo Shin to see so many  » young leaves  » of the Vovinam Tree reunited for this occasion and took the opportunity to remind the children and teenagers the benefits that Vovinam would provide for their future adult life.

The course ended with a dinner with family, then a dancing night which ended late in the night …

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IMG_6254 (2)
Masters Truong Quang Tuan and Didier Doumerc

Échauffement ludique pour les enfants
Warming play for the kids

Tứ Trụ Quyền

Nhap Mon Quyen

Masters Cyril Sandre, Didier Doumerc and Professor Fabien Laforêt

Initiation to the art of fighting for the young with prof. Fabien Laforêt

The practitioners in the new dojo of Autrerive (31)

Photo Credit: Thierry Bouzier/vovinam Occitan

Song Luyen training camp in Paris

Monday 11th of November 2013, The association « Institut de Vovinam-Viet Vo Dao de Paris » (IVVP) organized a Song Luyen bare hands training camp in Paris.

This training camp was animated by Mr. Gregory FOIRY instructor in the IVVP, with the help of Mr. Frédéric FRAH who just returned from a long stay in Vietnam training under the tutelage of Master Nguyen Van Sen (9th Dang) at the To Duong.

This training camp brought together 10 participants, some  learned the Song Luyen so 1 and others the Song Luyen so 4.

The IVVP will organize a Song Luyen Stick training camp, open to everyone on 14th&15th of December in PARIS 18, led by Mr. FRAH Frederick.

Find all the information on their Facebook page: or Website:

The Sport Director IVVP
Gregory Foiry
06 61 57 68 84


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 Photo credit : Frédéric FRAH/ Grégory FOIRY

Demonstration for the Association for the Children of Vietnam in Corsier

Saturday 12th october 2013,

As every year, a Fundraising Dinner is organized by the Association for Children of Vietnam in order to finance school projects in Vietnam.

This festival takes place at the town hall of Corsier in Geneva (Switzerland). As usual, the Vovinam Swiss team didn’t miss the party. They gave us the pleasure of participating in the event, offering viewers a high color display.

Thanks to Master Tân Rousset and his team.




Corsier / Geneva / Switzerland