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New belt for the younger than 12


On August 27, the Vovinam’s masters council decided to create a new belt for the children younger than 12 and have reached the Hoang Dai level.

Here are the 4 articles from this decision:

Article 1: MonSinh younger than 12 are allowed to be evaluated at the « Chuan Hoang Dai » level, not having reached the legal age to be evaluated (considering they can’t be Huong Dan Vien level) and not being able to achieve the whole program as it is defined by the Mon phai.

Article 2: Children will wear a yellow belt with two blue lines on it. This level must be evaluated at the local level. When the children reach age 12, the Mon Shin will be evaluated at the Hoang dai level. The Mon Phai Federation will meet to evaluate them. If the children fail, they will wear the chuan hoang dai belt and be evaluated again later. If they succeed, once they are 15 years old or have reached the legal age limit, they will be allowed to be evaluated at Hoang dai nhat cap.

Article 3: Learning programs and level evaluation programs. The learning and level evaluation program Chuang Hoan Dai is similar to the previous program, but it is not necessary to learn the Don Chan techniques.

Article 4: A Federation representative from vovinam viet vo dao from Vietnam and abroad must make this decision by September 1, 2014.












Australian Shave Fund Raising Event March 2014

Quang Minh Centre is pleased to announce a great efffort from everyone in our ‘World’s Greatest Shave’ fund raising event last Sunday Class.

Our biggest Thank you to the seven participators of the Event and those who so generously contributed to the donations.

We have raised a total of $1,190.70 to the Leukemia Foundation of Australia. Great work guys!

The Extremely brave participators!!


The Generous Donators for the event!
Anh Tung 150.00
Chi Hanh 100.00
Co Ha 100.00
Co Linh 100.00
Co Chau 100.00
Chu Hung 100.00
Ha 100.00
Diem 100.00
Thay Bang 50.00
Tarcy’s Family 50.00
Joshua & Kelvin Vo 50.00
Charles & Rose 10.00
Jayden 10.00
Phi Yen & Kim Yen 5.00
Phillip 5.00
Flora 5.00
William 5.00
Cathy 5.00
Tony 5.00
Patrick 5.00
Leon 5.00
Sang 5.00
Kevin 5.00
Andy 5.00
Kristy 2.40
Sang 2.00
Nicholas 1.20
Duy 2.00
Ethan 2.00
Selena 4.00
Tony 2.00
Simon 5.00
Jasmine 5.00
Jenna 10.00
Tina 1.20
An 1.20
Phu 2.00
William 1.20
Patrick 2.20
James 10.00
Tri 10.00
Sang 4.00
Tomy 2.50
Anne 5.00
Celina 1.00
Larry 1.00

Thank you again to all who donated for the event. We really appreciate your generousity.

Quang Minh Centre

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E.V.V.F.’s new executive committee.

The executive committee of the European Vovinam Viet Vo Dao Federation (2013-2017):

1/ DR. GABRIEL IONUT NECHITA (Romania) : President
2/ MR. PEDRO ANGEL GONZALEZ DELGADO (Spain) : Standing Vice President
3/ MR. FLORIN MACOVEI (Romania) : Vice President and Technical Director
4/ MR. MICHELE GAROFALO (Italy) : Vice President
5/ MR. TRAN DAI CHIEU (Germany) : Vice President
6/ MRS. THANH NHA BERRIER (England) : General Secretary
7/ MR. GEORGES MECHAIN (France) : Deputy General Secretary
8/ MR. LE HUU DAI (Belgium) : Deputy General Secretary
9/ MRS. MARIE-FRANCE MECHAIN (France) : Treasurer
10/ MR. VITTORIO CERA (Italy) : Member
11/ MR. TAN ROUSSET (Switzerland) : Member
12/ MR. SIARGHEI SHARENDA (Belarus) : Member