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Technical Stage in Paris

The Paris institute of Vovinam-Viet vo dao (IVVP) organise a Stage of Song Luyện empty hands in Paris.
Date: Monday 21st of April 2014
Place: Dojo Fair Play Sport 5 cité Champagne 75020
The teacher of this stage is M. Foiry Grégory.
Schedule of the day:
– 10h00 : Welcome of participants
– 10h30 : Beginning of the stage
– 13h00 : Lunch break
– 14h30 : Second part of the stage
– 17h00 : End
Program of the day:
  • Song Luyện 1 for beginners
  • Song Luyện 2 for advanced
If possible, try to come with a partner.
Price : 20 euros/person. (limited numbers of persons)
Deadline for registrations is Friday 18th of April 2014.
For further informations please contact:
Grégory FOIRY
Tel :
Mail :

7th games of Ho Chi Minh City 2014

from 19 to 23 March 2014 will be held at the home competitions Phu Tho Ho Chi Minh City, the 7th games of Ho Chi Minh City, organized by the sports department of the city.

More than 300 competitors and twenty teams are enrolled.

the list of events and additional information in this PDFThông tin Giải Vovinam Đại hội Thể dục thể thao TPHCM lần VII_2014

The 1st EVVF Technical and referee seminary, Italy 2014

1st to 4th Mai 2014, will be held the 1st EVVF Technical and referee seminary in Milano.

An examination will also be organised for the candidates whishing to get their 3rd or 4th Dang.

As every year, a ceremony will be held in memory of Founder Master Nguyen Luoc (1912-1960).


2014 Paris World Cup

the word federation will organise the world Cup 2014 at Paris from july 24 to 26.

That’s funny that they chose the french national judo institute , same the FFKDA chose for organise the 3rd World championship 2013 for the other world federation (vietnam one). 


IVVP winter training camp 2013

On 14th and 15th of december 2013,
The Institute of Vovinam-Viet Vo Dao of Paris organizes a Long Stick training camp.


M. Frédéric Frah will be the main teacher of this training camp.
Schedule’s days (Saturday and Sunday):
– 10 to 10:15 Welcome to participants
– 10:15 to 13h: Training
– 13h to 14h30: Lunch Break
– 14h30 to 17h: Training

For the proper conduct of this training camp, please bring your long stick (5 cm higher than your height) and try to come with a partner.

The program of this camp:

– The Con (Technical stick)
– Song Luyen Con (codified stick fighting)


1 day: 25 € / person
2 days: 40 € / person

!!! we are waiting for you, come many !!!


For information and / or registrations please contact:
Grégory Foiry
Tel :
Mail :


Photo Credit : Grégory Foiry