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Song Luyen training camp in Paris

Monday 11th of November 2013, The association « Institut de Vovinam-Viet Vo Dao de Paris » (IVVP) organized a Song Luyen bare hands training camp in Paris.

This training camp was animated by Mr. Gregory FOIRY instructor in the IVVP, with the help of Mr. Frédéric FRAH who just returned from a long stay in Vietnam training under the tutelage of Master Nguyen Van Sen (9th Dang) at the To Duong.

This training camp brought together 10 participants, some  learned the Song Luyen so 1 and others the Song Luyen so 4.

The IVVP will organize a Song Luyen Stick training camp, open to everyone on 14th&15th of December in PARIS 18, led by Mr. FRAH Frederick.

Find all the information on their Facebook page: or Website:

The Sport Director IVVP
Gregory Foiry
06 61 57 68 84


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 Photo credit : Frédéric FRAH/ Grégory FOIRY